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I found one other dealership in Austin. Went to said dealership and it oozed of dirty used car salesman pitches. I promptly left and went to Autonation. I spoke to a man named Patrick Benadump about finding my Camry. I quickly located a couple of my preferred Camrys. Patrick was very professional and friendly, no pushy at all. I am very satisfied with Autonation and their staff. Had a slight issue but Tony my service advisor and Keith Hennessy took super great care of it and handled it like rock stars!!!

Enjoy working with Jared Jones. Great service and he takes care of you. Service and facility is good but not perfect. Experience felt a bit mechanical - not as personable. The work was good and thorough and that?

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Excellent experience yesterday at AutoNation Toyota. Got car inspected and necessary maintenance done in record time. Drank a little coffee, caught up with the news on my lap top and the work was completed. Way to go, guys!! I returned the car and they try everything to make it impossible for me. The problem was that I was cheated on the mileage that was on the contract, my mistake was not verifying. So it showed I dad put more than m. I trusted what it was written and signed. I was cheated.


I have been going to this Toyota dealership since They value their customers and give quality service to the vehicle and customers. Great job goes to Greg and crew. As always a very good experience, Jerad is my service provider and he is very good, thank you autonation. Within minutes and I really mean minutes.

Concetta from the sales department contacted and followed up with me on my inquiry about the vehicle. Right away she helped us set up an appointment to meet with her and right away we conducted business on the vehicle. Filled out our loan application and within minutes had an approval.

With the help of the finance manager I think Ali and Concetta we were able to come to a great deal and purchase the Highlander. From there, Ali helped us out tremendously with the financing part and making extra, extra sure our vehicle was protected and taken care of for later on down the road. He helped us out with extra warranty coverage, tire and wheel protection, interior and exterior protection, and roadside assistance.

My wife and I had a great experience and even better team to work with us and would recommend these outstanding individuals. I will definitely be back when I am ready to buy me a brand new Toyota 4Runner. From the time we got there around on a Busy Saturday, to finalizing paperwork and everything we were in and out in about 3 hours. Which I thought was amazing. The Highlander was also washed for us. Thank you AutoNation Toyota. Service department is reliable and customer friendly. Highly recommend them! I found Abbi to be very straightforward and easy to deal with. I actually drove away feeling good about the vehicle, and the deal I got.

I wish there was a maybe button-they called me every day before we committed to purchasing a vehicle. We did, but now we need to get some items fixed and I don't get a callback to schedule the service or the paperwork I requested. Not the best customer service! Super quick process with Berry. He work hard to find the exact 4Runner I wanted and completed the purchase quickly. They are thorough, professional, and cost effective. Mark Annabelle was my Service Advisor and did a great job managing my expectations.

Painless purchases, and great customer service. The 1st time I went to have my oil changed, I waited for 20 minutes to get a "service advisor" before I left. Then I made the mistake of giving them another chance. Went in for my 10k mile service. The lady who scheduled my appt said it would take 90 minutes. I figured I would work in the lobby, but when I dropped off my truck, then said it was going to take 3 hours.

I was annoyed but agreed to take the shuttle home. By the way, the shuttle driver was the best part of my day. Great guy. Kudos to whomever hired that guy he was an older hispanic guy with a sweet 70's hair do They did NOT look into it further. Truck still makes the noise. Once they located my truck which took 5 minutes because no one knew where it was , I was informed that it hadn't been washed. I was willing to wait a few minutes for the wash, but then they informed me it wasn't washed because they also forgot to change my oil, which was part of the 10k mile service.

So, I waited for 30 minutes in the lobby before they brought my truck back No wash. I was too annoyed to mention it so I left. Couldn't believe it was 2 crappy trips to this place in a row. Cole was great. Very knowledgeable and friendly, explained the services and options clearly, and identified which were needed now and which were preventative that could be done later. The service was done satisfactorily. We reached a few minutes before our appointment and there was only one person ahead of us in the line.

We were met by one of the representatives who told us that it should take them about 45 minutes. However, we had to wait for double that tume. The check out was smooth. My salesman, Danny, did a great job showing me the different vehicles and options for my SUV purchase. Thanks AutoNation for taking good care of me! I'm not one to normally put a company on blast on Facebook, but the service that I received at AutoNation Toyota South Austin is just beyond unacceptable. Austin friends, spare yourself some grief and do not go anywhere near this service department! I went to another Toyota dealership in the area, and let's just say these folks not only have a reputation for awful customer service, but also a poor reputation for completing the necessary paperwork to tell other Toyota service centers what their mechanics are doing underneath the hood of your car!

Avoid this dealership at all cost! Keith the service manager has failed to return two of my calls. Looks to me like a huge rat chewed through the hose in all this proves is that the autonation Toyota On the motor mile does not check their cars out before they sell it to someone because if you lift the hood up the chewed hole is plain as day. Buying a car is often a difficult and laborious process. AutoNation is a real change from my previous experiences. And kudos to Melissa Davis who shepherded me through the process of making a decision.

She goes above and beyond the usual role of a sales person. She even took the time to give me a short tutorial on the systems in the car. The service is very good, and well set up. When you call to make an appointment, you are assigned a specific manager, whose job is to see that your car gets whatever issues or services it needs, keeps you informed as necessary up to when it is done. Service charges seem reasonable, as far as I can tell, and the mechanics seem to do a good job. The car has been mostly trouble-free. My only buying experience here was one time, and I was happy with the experience.

AutoNation is more respectful, which leads me to trust them. Every decision was up to me including jumping into a different car before we even left the parking lot for the test drive. Ronnie was the deal maker, he MADE my day and I can not thank him enough for making me feel like family while the deal was done. I will not hesitate to refer ALL of my friends and family to this dealership. Fantastic buying experience - friendly, no pressure, flexible pricing. Will buy here again soon.

My recall service was handled professionally and on time, no complaints. Cole was the best. They got me in and out fast. I will have to warn to stay away from this dealership, they cannot be trusted to honor price agreements and will up prices at the last minute. Don't be afraid to walk off last minute on them and make false verbal agreements, they'd do the same to you.

Sales rep provided me a quote on a Tacoma which I agreed to and so I drove 40 minutes back to their dealership to make a purchase. I go in, confirmed the price verbally, test drive the vehicle then they sit me down to pull a credit check which I was comfortable with as I have near credit. I sign the paper, they run my credit. THEN they tell me there's a problem, that there's a mistake on the price.

Normally I would just walk away at this point, but they made this a personal attack on my well-being when they made a hard pull on my credit before telling me they're changing the price on me. Not to mention the time it takes to get answers at a dealership. I am not going to blame the sales representative since they can only do prices someone else approved.

I will also point out that I didn't like the tone of the manager, David, who said I signed the credit check approval papers when I pointed out they already did a credit pull on me. Well of course I signed it, I trusted in the previously agreed price and signed the bloody approval papers to buy the car at that price. Said they won't honor it unless it's on their paper with all prices written down. He then disappears and let's the sales rep do going back and forth again and I get to spend my time sitting there waiting.

Petty me is now here having to write bad reviews and will be warning people about them online for the next 2 years because that's how long a hard credit pull stays on my credit report. You've been warned. Don't be a fool, don't try Autonation. They will be seeing me again though. I have a lifetime warranty on my Camry'a battery with them. But now I need another place for oil changes. Normally I would just walk away at this point, but they made this a personal attack on my wellbeing when they made a hard pull on my credit before telling me they're changing the price on me.

Jared Jones provided excellent customer service. He went above and beyond to accommodate me and was great to work with. I would recommend working with him again. Nathan was my service tech and went above and beyond to make my experience great. Once I pulled in he told me about a recall and suggested the 30, plus services along with my tire repair and oil Change.

He got me a free car rental for the inconvenience of keeping my car and had them come pick me up. They also came and dropped my suv off the next day. Was best experience I have ever had at You rock Nathan! I had to wait about an hour and 15 minutes for my prescheduled service appointment but the staff was professional and they did a good job. I had an Excellent experience buying a 4Runner with with Danny. He genuine and helpful.

I was visiting Austin and needed to change the oil on my Tacoma. Stop at the dealership and they took in my truck with a problem. Shortly after, we moved to Mazatlan, Mexico. Every year since, I travel back to Austin to visit and do some shopping. Each year, I take the Camry in and ask my trusted agent, Epi Rodriguez or one of his co-workers to make sure there are no problems for the trip back down the Devil's Spine from Durango to Mazatlan.

Some years there is a little work, some years more, but it is always done well and to the highest standards. I highly commend the staff and owners of Champion Toyota for their fine autos and work. No hassle car buying experience. Process was smooth, fast and professional. Easiest cat buying experience ever. Brought truck in for servicing. Routine maintenance and what appeared to be leaking oil under truck. Service advisor Nathan Baker and mechanic identified the problem as one that occurred on my last visit.

Seal was pinched and leaking. Accidents do occur from time to time due to errors. Anyway, the timing belt was replaced again at no charge. Can't tell you how much your outfit's honesty and integrity means. Nathan could have told me the leak was due to anything and recharged me. I wouldn't have known the difference. Always appreciate Auto Nation's professionalism and great quality work. Need more service advisors like Nathan Baker. I think I can keep my Tundra running for quite a few more years. Called in to schedule a routine maintenance and was very satisfied with the customer service.

Very pleasant experience buying a new car there. This was our third purchase with this dealer since We have been very satisfied with every aspect of our experience with them. Really love the new Prius Limited we just purchased. They gave us a fair value on our trade-in and a great price on the new car.

Convenience and reliable and fast service. I just recently had my vehicle serviced here. It is due to their maintenance that my vehicle performs at its best. I have had the same advisor since shortly after purchasing this truck. Art Gomez is one of the best person I have had the pleasure of knowing. He almost know my truck as well as I and I value his recommendations and experiences. He has kept my truck in peak condition and it is a joy seeing him each time. The service department is awesome.

Went in for my 25, mile checkup and was in and out in 45 minutes!! Greg Coy always offers great customer support. Super nice and helpful sales and finance teams. We got a great deal on a great car.

Nice and Friendly helpful service. Very good, this is my second car from AutoNation, I? Very professional and simple. The entire process took 90 min and I left with a check. Good experience. They are prompt professional and do good work. Jordan and Zach are ballers! Made lemonade out of lemons. Wesley Peterson was the associate that helped me when I came in for my oil change on my Tundra.

His service was excellent!! They had exactly what I wanted - I know the van I wanted didn't last long at other places I searched, they got me right in and it was mine within 2 hours. I was treated like royalty. It was a wonderful buying experience. Thank you Jessie and Daniel. The service is always outstanding.

Every person we deal with during our visit is courteous and ready to help. We feel connected to the people we deal with. Most of our contact is with Mr. Greg Coy. He is truly a professional in his work. Thank you. He is a real asset to your organization. Truly appreciate Wes Peterson and all that he has done to service my car carefully and effectively.

I made an appointment with him each time which was beneficial because I waited only like and hour compared to hours. He cared for my car like it was his own and addressed all my questions and needs in a professional manner. He will be my service person for now on. He even gave me his personal number for any questions or concerns I had after leaving the shop. Great service. Jared Jones does a wonderful job.

I have purchased 3 autos from AutoNation and every experience has been excellent. They are totally professional in every way. I highly recommend them! They do an awesome job, when your getting a Car! They do take care of you from start to the end!! My Service advisor was very knowledgeable and helpful. Great customer service. Jared in the service department is great! You should note that oil changes take on average of 1. Great Customer Service , was able to get my oil changed in no time. My sincere thanks go to AutoNation Toyota for restoring my Highlander.

A clogged drain in the sunroof had resulted in the interior being drenched in inches of rain. Two different treatments left it dry and fragrant. Kudos to Jarod and AutoNation! Repair and service done right the first time, friendly service, and reasonable prices. My husband and I have been customers at AutoNation Toyota for many years.

We drive past two other Toyota dealers for the customer service and attention to detail we receive at AutoNation. We love our service representative, Wes Peterson, who works very hard to ensure everything our cars need is addressed quickly and professionally. We definitely recommend AutoNation Toyota to everyone! Jared was very pleasant and helpful, looked out for getting my service done with the least expenditure.

He offered a lot of information on my car's condition and went the extra mile for me. So please know, if you have a problem, they don't care. They don't follow-up. After leasing two cars from Alamo Toyota over a 5 year period, I decided to purchase a brand new truck. Upon financing the vehicle, the salesperson and sales manager assured me that although the lowest rate was not TFS, they would have my disposition fee waived. A few months later, a bill comes in the mail for the full disposition fee.

It has now been 5 weeks since we talked, and he has not gotten back to me. I left him numerous voicemails, and he has been too scared to call back. I followed up with Toyota corporate, and got a call from the salesperson the next day, who has no control of alleviating the concern. Despicable dealership from top to bottom.

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Fraudulent charges, deceptive sales practices, and scummy customer service. Shop elsewhere. This was my first experience with AutoNation Toyota, and I was very impressed with the overall experience. The service area was very well organized, clean, and everyone was very helpful and informative. Not to mention my issue was solved the same day. Matt was excellent in his care from entrance to exit. He clearly explained each recommended service and cheerfully retrieved my phone that I had left in my car. I can recommend the service department and Juan, my service adviser.

Excellent communication, and the work was first rate. Their service is excellent, reliable, very professional. Also thanks to my service Rep Nathan Baker, has taken care both of ours vehicles. Jared Jones has been my representative for about all that time. I've never been disappointed by his and the staff's professionalism, courtesy and competence.

I highly recommend AutoNation. My salesman was very knowledgeable and professional. The process was very expeditious. I would recommend this dealership to family and friends. Although it was a busy day for them, they bent over backwards to provide a great buying experience while purchasing a vehicle that has more than met my expectations. From the sales agent to the service representative, my concerns were thoroughly addressed in a friendly, caring and professional manner. Count me among their fans!

No returned phone calls or answers. Directed to schedule appt. Three left messages and no return call. Do not believe anything that they tell you about what you are buying or their warranty's. They do not inspect their cars as promised, they do not repair problems with their cars as promised, and their warranties do not cover as promised. They will not answer your phone calls or emails about repairing these problems as they really do not care about their customers once they have made a sale.

Do yourself a favor and buy a used car from anyone but them. Super helpful, friendly, advocate for the customer, good recommendations. Service is fast and courteous. They take your needs and requests seriously. The sales rep I worked with texted me throughout the morning to make sure I was still coming in and kept me updated on the status of his arrival to the dealership. I felt like my business meant something. I have never purchased a vehicle on my own before so I was a little intimidated at first, but Jessie Polk made buying a car fun!

It was just a very pleasant experience taking my Toyota Corolla LE there to get serviced. I give her a 5 stars! Thanks Ace! I had a lot of work performed on my car. I went in for one thing but the sales person convinced me to do many others, which I was uncomfortable doing but I felt coerced and backed into a corner like there was no other option. I don't like feeling that way especially when Toyota was not going to help me out in costs.

That is quite a difference! The sales person said my rental would be deducted from my invoice. He went on vacation and didn't tell me he was going on vacation. I had to explain to a manager that was the agreement. It took a while but the manager finally agreed--thank you.

The quote was not completely itemized. Labor cost more than parts. How do I know if everything was done? I don't. I know my main problem was fixed but unsure of everything else. They listened and understood what I was looking for. Didn't try to sell me something I didn't need or want. No high pressure what so ever. Definitely coming back in 6 months when it's time to get my granddaughter her first car. My service representative is Jarod Jones. I have requested him each and every time and he exceeds my expectations. If I need it done right, I rely on Jarod.

Josh Conley is a great guy, very friendly. Got the work done quickly. Fast and Friendly service department. Professional gentlemen. I shoped a car and got a good deal People are nice and ready to give you a smile, we even got a slice of pizza. Jared and Keith, as always, we? Started with first phone call to salesman and ending with the finance department. Great buying experience but the constant post purchase email Spam that will not stop Has left a terrible taste.

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Efficient, professional, caring. Absolutely rude and unprofessional service by the manager Alex I believe that to be his name. I had every intention of purchasing a car from this dealership, I was even driving from Houston to Austin, but the way he tries to sell a car and explain the details is not how a professional Toyota dealership should be ran. He was such a great help today. I brought my car in first thing and he made sure I had a ride home. He was very patient in explainng the detalls of the required maintenance and really took care of me. He gave me the options and the best thing about Art is he tells it like it is, but is not pushy I have been coming for service ever since I first got my Prius in And what's more, the 60, mi.

Thank you! Glad I chose them! I was there an hour and a half and this was a reasonable amount of time. Scott was great, and helpful in explaining about the vehicle. I was not intending to test drive on highway due to traffic, but Scott took me on highway for test drive, and we loved the Highlander we purchased. My service person was very helpful and explained everything in great detail. Great experience and would recommend to my friends and family. I have been a customer for 9 years and have always been happy with my purchase and my continued good service.

Great service honest employees, clean facility, I would like to take the time to thank Mr. You can't find to many honest people like Mr. Went in yesterday morning for a service check and oil change. Had the pleasure of having Wes Peterson assist. Prompt and concise. This is my first new vehicle and look forward to continue using the service center. Wes was professional and took care of my service needs. I have bought Toyotas from this dealership for over 20 years and had all of my maintenance done there.

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They are efficient, explain everything, and I have never had a bad experience there. Tony was great!! Explained everything and advice me on what was important and what could wait. Very satisfied with the service. Taylor was great! Got done in about an hour. Very satisfied! It was a smooth experience. Despite my non-existent credit history , their sales representative helped me secure the auto loan at pretty decent interest rate. We've had all of our service done there for many years and have found everyone to be very friendly, helpful and efficient.

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So I walked in for an oil change and Nathan A service advisor walked up to me to help me out. He gave me the wrong information at first about the pricing Maybe commissioned service advisory and then when he realized I knew what I was doing he backed off and changed his statement. I went ahead to verify the information he gave me and in the middle of the conversation I was having with another service advisor Matt Roberts he came up and told the Matt Roberts what he told me to avoid any discrepancies everyone is included in this corruption including the general manager of the service department.

Matt Roberts changed his mind and led me to the wrong direction again. I assume the coupon and the car wash were for the customers to avail but it seemed otherwise at this dealership. I went back to the manager after this happened and explained him the whole situation Nathan's and Matt Robert's and in return he asked me if I wanted to get the service done or not. This made one point clear. It was neither Matt's nor Nathan's fault. It's the store manager who doesn't care about earning business or customer service. Maybe his manager is the same.

I don't know how long the chain is but there definitely is a bad guy in the chain. I think the Manager's only job is to pacify customers having issues with the service and the service advisor's only job is to make money for the dealership anyhow. I have never been disappointed on someone this much. The stand by their customers and their quality cars. This dealership should get some lessons from Sewell Lexus or any sewell dealership.

Unfortunately, sewell doesn't have a location in Austin. Art Gomez is the best at South Austin Toyota. He always remembers me and is so helpful.

I have brought my truck to Toyota in the past and had decent service never dissatisfied. I asked them to diagnose my vehicle because I didn? My experience working with Mark Annabelli was excellent! We had a wonderful experience. Our service person is Epi and has been since It was time past to purchase vehicle. We scheduled with Alex L. He was awesome as we had to reschedule twice and the entire staff was more than accommodating. Our financial person was wondrous even with computer issues which were not his fault. Great service - Ronnie Pryor was very professional and attentive to my needs.

Tony was the service sales person I was assigned to for my rear windshield wiper repair and annual state inspection. He was thorough, efficient and explained the issue to me. Everything was quickly rectified and the vehicle was inspected quickly. He even had it run through the car wash for a much-needed exterior cleaning!

Thank you for respecting my time and making an event I thought would be long and drawn out quick and easy!! I have used AMM Collision before and as before, there service and work is outstanding. Very unhappy with the experience of purchasing the new to me vehicle. There was a 90 day 4, miles warranty and it seems like the service department doesn't want to honor it.

I set an appointment for and was at my appointment 15 mins early and i was told that by i would know something. If you do not have qualified technicians to work on all cars then you all should not be selling used cars, or make sure you can get the technician trained and qualified. Service writer was knowledgeable and explained why I needed a new catalytic converter. I decided to purchase a pre-owned car rather than have the repair.

As soon as he knew my service would take several hours he offered to get me a loaner. I was supposed to bring it back before closing but it was pouring down rain so he told me I could bring it back the next morning which was so convenient! Thanks Tony! Rushed and impersonal, no follow-up. Art Gomez is always extremely kind and helpful. Getting my car serviced is always effortless on my end because of his due diligence.

I was very pleased with the cars salesman Michael Fonseca who was very kind, helpful, and upfront about the whole process. I give him 5 stars without a doubt. BUT I was sold a vehicle that the same day as I got it, it started making shaking movements. I contaxtedthe dealership and took the vehicle in and they first said they couldn't feel it.

After 3 people tested it out the last mechanic said he heard something funny. I was given an appointment for a week and a half later to see what's wrong with the vehicle. I was promised that the issue will be taken care of but I'm worried it won't be. Within the first week of having the vehicle it shakes when idle, shakes randomly when accelerating, and makes a whistling noise when I take my foot off the gas pedal. This is not how a just bought vehicle should be running right after purchasing, no matter the year of the vehicle.

If something is wrong with it, don't sell it! Or at least offer a free extended warranty or something to make up for situation. I am a mother of 4 and first time buyer and this has been a horrible experience. Like I said the salesman was awesome but because of the rest of the troubles I have experienced I would not purchase another vehicle from there or recommend it to anyone. Also the finance department is VERY pushy, makes you feel dumb, and talks you down for not purchasing the extra options.

Mike Z was his name. I have read so many bad reviews on him. I can't believe he is still working here. Auto Nation needs to step up their game and clean house! Excellent and quick. Tony Sabatino the best. Heather was great and so was Mike. Everything about the process really. I have purchased multiple vehicles from them. They always treat me good. Today my experience was terrible.

I understand things happen but the fact that no one came to update me and that I had to seek out an employee to give me an update was frustrating. I left without getting my car serviced and even the apology I got seemed very insincere. I was just very disappointed because usually they are much nicer and accommodating.

Mark Lucas worked with me to test drive the vehicle I bought, had my trade-in vehicle appraised, and even recovered the garage door opener that I left in it. He was friendly, strait forward, and knowledgeable about the vehicle I bought; it was a pleasure to work with him. I worked with Michael Ginter to complete the financial paperwork; likewise, he was very knowledgeable about finances.

Service was very quick this time. Thanks a lot. Epi was helpful and professional. Overall you guys are doing a good job. Juan in parts is an outstanding individual in my opinion. I had the pleasure of having Cole assist me with getting some new keys. He kept me updated through the whole process and answered all my questions.

This is my second time purchasing a vehicle from Auto Natation Toyota and I would definitely go back again. Great service by their service department. Cole is a great service adviser. I only wish dealerships would let out space in their parking lots to food trailers because there is nothing within walking distance and all they have are vending machines.

I would not recommend this dealership ONLY because of his general manager John Mendez, he is rude and seems not willing to work in a professional way. Very bad experience with him. Quality of Repairs - had car with , miles towed to Autonation service dept. Found out wires for cooling had been chewed under my hood by unknown rodents common in Texas this time of the year and caused my car to overheat, damaging the engine we think. Although we told the service dept. The amount offered for the car could have been applied to another car on the lot but we ended up buying elsewhere.

Everyone was nice and polite but I chose to take my business elsewhere. Not Applicable. Jared went out of his way to make sure I got the service I need in a timely manner. Jared Jones is trustworthy and reliable. I can depend on him to be honest. Jared is a super star! Jared went out of his way to make sure the service I needed was accomplished in a timely manner! I went in for an oil change at my lunch break.

At first I was a little disappointed that it would take longer than usual to get my car serviced, but Tony was so nice that I went ahead and waited. I was glad he explained what my car needed but was understanding that with the holidays I was unable to pay for everything to get fixed.

I will most likely return to get these things serviced once I recover from the holiday spending. Nice people and good service on oil change. Appreciated an easy service experience on a recall notice. My service manager was friendly and efficient. Dealing with them is a straight forward simple business. Thanks, Mark, for being professional, nice, and thorough during the entire transaction! You made it much easier to buy. We love our Toyota Sienna SE! The service was truly exceptional. Mark was polite, efficient and overall a truly exceptional experience.

Clean facilities and a good staff. Was the only company help me buy my first car. The customer service was extremely helpful. Barry is really good thanks for helping me out with the new car. Always a pleasant visit for service. My service advisor was one of the best I have had. Service was fast and facilities are great. As always Jared was very helpful and kind. I will continue to bring my sequia to AutoNation.

I was taken care immediately by Greg Coy and I waited in the lobby, where there is many places to sit and be comfortable. My wait time was short and the service was efficient. Tommy did a great job. Knew the truck and was clear in his recommendations. Service was great!

Was in and out in a reasonable time! I brought my vehicle in for its 20, mile check. Juan Alvarez was very professional and took good care of my vehicle and me. I hope to request him next time. This is ridiculous! I asked 2 times how much longer and got half assed responses After being a loyal customer this is not right! Treat your customers better! Art Gomez, who is our Service Advisor, worked great with us when it comes to price that both parties are happy with. We brought our Toyota 4Runner in to fix the brake booster and Art gave us a great price to fix it!

He is also very professional and courteous. We will definitely bring all our Toyota cars in when they need servicing. Tony took care of me and had myself and my son out of there in no time! Love the experience and hospitality.

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The staff at Toyota South Austin was very professional and were willing to provide incentives toward the purchase price of our Toyota Camry. We are very happy with the experience and would highly recommend them. Customer service was terrible here so I went to Jeff Hunter in Waco and got way more truck for a lot less money!! Great experience! We were a little overwhelmed at the start of our search. We only knew we wanted a Toyota or Honda.

We worked with salesman Patrick Benadum, and he put us at ease showing us lots of different options in a knowledgeable way. We followed up with him the following day with a clearer idea of what we wanted and he narrowed the options down. Loving the car so far!!!

Art Gomez is simply the best service advisor. I keep coming back to Auto Nation Toyota for my service needs because of Art. He is very pleasant, very customer oriented, very thorough and always explains things to me clearly. Horrible sales manager. Great service as usual. Outstanding Service. The service representative was knowledgeable and helpful.

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Will go there again. Worst experience ever, I bought a used Ford almost two years ago and the service department has been a nightmare since then. I already spoke with the 3 Managers about this situation and they promised me that they would personally take care of it however, nothing has change. It was so much better than my last car buying experience at another car dealership! I brought my vehicle in for a 25, mile checkup and some recall work. All work performed to my satisfaction. We took our fleet truck in for an oil change, and your technician messed that up.

Had to have it towed in, service advisor gave me a lame speech. Your service manager is just as incompetent and has no communication skills. My truck has been there a week now. No calls since last Thursday, service manager has not followed through with his promises. Department of State, Heady said. Heady said the Americans, about half of whom have served in the Peace Corps, were chosen for their diverse experience: The group includes lawyers, public administrators, university professors and a couple elected officials.

They are Republicans and Democrats. Heady said she would not consider anyone for this assignment who had not worked overseas in some capacity. Connie Kaplan, community services director at the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners, said emerging democracies often look to the U. Kaplan feels UN Volunteers could not have found monitors better qualified than Chicagoans.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission announced Wednesday its staff is proposing the fines against Edison for regulatory violations, including one characterized as egregious, that occurred at Zion in February and March. Also Wednesday, Edison announced that, as part of its now month-old plan to modernize and improve operations at its six nuclear power plants, it will realign its nuclear operating division. The move is aimed at centralizing the division to improve functions, work practices and management efficiency, the company said. In the first and more serious violation at Zion, on Feb.

Then, ignoring regulations and fundamental principles Bosnia Continued from Page 1 "How much excitement does anybody have in their lives? This is a single-party system,' " Michaels said. I know what you're talking about' " Michaels said her election monitoring in Chicago generally has been a boring job, but an essential and rewarding one. Up until the s, the judges of election would think nothing of going into the voting booth with you. Professor Fleischer went to Bosnia last year for the country's first-ever presidential election.

He said it was important for him to return to see how things have progressed and to try to persuade Bosnians to hold on to their dream of a multi-ethnic state even as other Bosnians remain bent on continuing to split the nation along ethnic lines. Most Bosnian election officials are, "by and large, people of tremendous sincerity and integrity. A major problem for Bosniansmany of whom are refugees forced from their homes is not being allowed to vote in the hometowns where they were registered In the last municipal elections, in , he said.

Michaels, the Fleischers and two others Kelly Brest van Kempen of Evanston and Catherine O'Hearn of Chicago were chosen as election monitors because they know about either the electoral process or the law. Brest van Kempen, an international contracts lawyer, served in Tunisia with the Peace Corps from to and on the Peace Corps staff in Washington from to She has never been to Bosnia or monitored an electioa "They like to use returned Peace Corps volunteers because most of us have been through the culture shock, we have language skills, we've lived in other countries under less than ideal conditions," Brest van Kempen said.

UN Volunteers is providing the monitors at the request of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, a multilateral organiza- Go wireless and help him take a major step forward. We remain dedicated to serving our customers. We are grateful for your continued association with us and your expressions of sympathy. We are thankful that we are surrounded by friends and family and current and former employees.

We will remember Mr. Dudek as a man who tried all his life to be a provider, a friend, and a family man.